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How you can stay connected with Russellville First!

Hello, Church! The staff have been working to create helpful and interactive ways to ensure that each and every one of you continue to feel connected to the church during the pandemic.
Although we will not be meeting in-person, there are several ways that you can continue your Path to Discipleship at home. On our website, you will find the Faith at Home tab at the top of the site with resources to continue your Christian education for the entire family. Each Sunday, these resources will become available and will remain on the website for you to access at any time.
We will have a Sunday morning worship service live-streamed on our Facebook page at 8:30 a.m. and that will be available to watch anytime.
There is a Sunday school option for children, youth and adults. Each week, all age groups will be learning from the same scripture. We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to continue the conversation of the lesson together as a family.
  • Children will have a brief Bible lesson video from Mrs. Page with additional resources that will be available to use with discussion questions and activities. 
  • Youth will have a Google document with the link to the Bible story and varying response options each week. They will be encouraged to send Pastor Cindy proof of their responses and will be entered into a drawing for a prize to be awarded at the end of the eight weeks. 
  • Adults will have a video series facilitated by Pastor Sarah, along with questions and follow-up activities. 
Additional lessons to be used throughout the week will be available in place of our usual Wired Wednesday classes.
  • Children will continue with their Spark curriculum in new and creative ways. Mrs. Page will do a short video with the Bible lesson and there will be various resources for the children to learn more about the story. 
  • Youth will continue to have 76’ers and Impact through online communication.
  • 76’ers are invited to participate in a 30-40 minute Zoom meeting hosted by Chris Becnel and Sandi Thompson at 6:30 pm. each Wednesday night. This meeting will consist of “face to face” Hi’s and Lo’s and a presentation of the faith question of the week, followed by the Mystery Mission challenge. As with Sunday school, each time someone participates, their name will be entered into a drawing for a prize which will be awarded at the end of the eight weeks. The link to each meeting will be sent out via email, Remind and Group Me. 
  • Impact leaders have been asked to create an opportunity via some video platform for groups to still “gather” at their usual times. Check with your leaders to see what arrangements they have made. 
  • Adults will have access to Pastor Sarah’s four-week course, beginning Wednesday, April 1. This class will discuss belief systems, theologies, scriptures, and histories of the world’s four major religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism, as well as comparing the beliefs with those of Christianity. Additionally, Pastor Tony will teach one of the core classes online in the coming weeks.
Our pastors are also working on plans for Holy Week. Once final details for these special services have been made, that information will be given to you through the usual avenues of email, the church website, and on the church Facebook page.
Thank you all for your patience and support as we work to provide powerful ways to continue your discipleship path no matter the circumstances.

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